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Jul 24

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Stretched, or "gauged" earlobe repair surgery has been gaining more popularity amongst individuals who have outgrown the aesthetic appeal of "gauges". If you're one of the many people who are interested in redefining your piercings, you're in luck! read more

Jul 17

Dr. Scott Sattler

It's no secret what role our facial features play in our overall appearance, specifically the lower half of our face. Who hasn't wished for a chin like Jon Hamm's or Keira Knightley? read more

Jul 12

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Approximately three hours to obtain your desired figure? That's all it takes for our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons to give you the body contour that you've been dreaming of! read more

Jul 06

Dr. Scott Sattler

Hair loss. It's an unfortunate reality that most of us face over the years when you begin to notice your hair thinning out, or completely balding in some areas. For both men and women this can be extremely upsetting, which is why we offer the NeoGraft Solution here at Sound Plastic Surgery. read more

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