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Jun 27

Dr. Scott Sattler

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure used to relieve symptoms of gynecomastia, a condition that causes overdeveloped breasts in men. read more

Jun 21

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Intra-operative Breast Reduction with superior-medial pedicle performed by the plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery. Over one pound of tissue was removed from each breast. read more

Jun 14

Dr. Scott Sattler

Whether it is due to exercise, outside temperatures, or work, sweating is the body's natural "cooling" system when we get too warm. Of course, there are plenty of OTC products that reduce some of those natural effects, but did you know that Botox is FDA approved to treat excess sweating of the underarms, clinically known as hyperhidrosis? read more

Jun 06

Dr. Joshua Cooper

A Mommy Makeover is an outpatient procedure that employs a subset of cosmetic procedures and techniques that cater to the patients' aesthetic goal. Experiencing pregnancy or major weight loss can cause extreme, and often unwelcome, changes to the body, particularly in the chest and abdominal area. read more

May 30

Dr. Scott Sattler

Because of her constant neck, back, and shoulder pain, this patient came to us seeking a breast reduction. These are unfortunate and all-too-common afflictions for patients with oversized and/or heavy breasts. read more

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