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Oct 18

Dr. Scott Sattler

The post op photos featured here were taken just 5 months after this patients Lower Body Lift surgery. A lower body lift is an ideal procedure for patients who have undergone a weight loss transformation, yet still have remaining skin of the abdomen, buttocks, and/or thighs that require surgical extraction. read more

Oct 11

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Every day factors such as genetics, diet, and age can contribute to the loss of muscle throughout the years, which ultimately lowers your metabolic rate. This makes it harder as we get older to lose and keep weight off. read more

Oct 07

Dr. Scott Sattler

Constricted or "tubular breasts", is a condition caused by improper proliferating of the breast tissue during puberty. This results in the lack of breast tissue, enlarged or collapsed areolas, and/or oval shaped breasts. read more

Sep 24

Dr. Joshua Cooper

After undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy and losing 100 pounds, this patient came to us wanting a slimmer arm profile to debut on her wedding day. Regardless of diet and exercise, the arms can be one of the most stubborn areas to lose weight from. read more

Sep 12

Dr. Scott Sattler

Neck Lipo is a surgical option that improves the contours of the neck by removing excess fat deposits, which can be particularly stubborn in response to exercise and diet. read more

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