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May 30

Sound Plastic Surgery

Some patients after pregnancy or significant weight loss experience a stretched and rounded area of the tummy. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is a procedure designed to address these cosmetic issues by removing skin and fat, improving the appearance of the belly button, and flattening the abdominal wall. read more

May 18

Sound Plastic Surgery

As May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month we wanted to spotlight the PREVENTION+ daily ultimate protection moisturizer with SPF 50 product! IMAGE Skincare offers a high level sunscreen that is effective in protecting against damaging UV rays. This product is extremely efficient in protecting while still gentle enough for post-procedure skin. read more

May 07

Sound Plastic Surgery

The Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler product is a great mother's day gift for anyone looking to get their mother a skincare product that will make them feel youthful and radiant! This line within the IMAGE Skincare brand is one that combats fine lines and wrinkles to restore youthful looking skin. Deigned with specific ingredients that instantly plump skin, this product is extremely popular for refreshing skin and reducing signs of aging such a wrinkles. read more

Apr 25

Sound Plastic Surgery

The majority of breast augmentation patients are very happy with their cosmetic results. A small subset of patients may choose to have revisionary breast implant surgery during their lifetimes. A patient that has had previous breast augmentation might choose cosmetic breast revision surgery to improve the appearance of her breasts. read more

Apr 13

Sound Plastic Surgery

As we age, neck laxity develops because neck muscles relax, lose shape and neck fat accumulated. Sagging neck skin and banding of muscles leads to aged appearance. This 'turkey neck' appearance can be reversed with a neck lift procedure. A neck lift is combined with a face lift for a more youthful neck contour. read more

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