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Facial Filler Photo Gallery, by Sound Plastic Surgery

Voluma for midface

Voluma is a temporary soft tissue filler that can be used in the midfacial zones - around the eyes and cheeks. We like it because it is a dense product that raises the lid-cheek junction when it is injected properly. A lowered lid-cheek junction and a long lower eyelid length are two signs of facial aging that we can create substantial improvements for when using Voluma. The cosmetic result can last over one year, sometimes even longer. Injections are done under local anesthesia in our office and take about 20 minutes. All of our Voluma injectors are board certified plastic surgeons. This particular patient has 2 cc of Voluma to the midface and photos were taken three months after injection.

Juvederm for Tear Troughs #1


Juvederm for Tear Troughs #2

Before and After

Juvederm for Lips

Before and After Juvederm (Volbella)Before and After JuvedermBefore and After Juvederm

Voluma for midface


Juvederm for nasal labial folds




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