Browlift Surgery

Browlift Surgery

An early sign of facial aging is descent of the brow position. In women, lowered brow position can create a tired or angry appearance. A browlift is a surgical procedure designed to lift and shape the brow. The technique can also smooth horizontal forehead lines and eliminate vertical lines between the brows, eliminating the need for Botox treatments in the future. Browlift surgery can also diminish excess under-brow skin which can conceal the upper eyelid. The net effect on facial appearance of a browlift is typically a larger eye shape and more youthful forehead appearance. 

Browlift surgery can be done with a variety of techniques, each tailored to the individual patient. The goal of browlift surgery is to lift the brow and forehead using an incision that is concealed behind the hairline. The browlift procedure often lifts excess skin below the eyebrow, revealing the underlying eyelid. Some patients require an eyelid lift combined with browlift surgery for the best cosmetic results.

A browlift procedure can be combined with a facelift, fat grafting, upper and lower eyelid surgery for a total facial rejuvenation.

Recovery after browlift surgery is relatively swift. Individual results will vary, however most patients are back to work and social activities within 10 days of the procedure. The browlift incision is well concealed behind the hairline, eliminating a visible scar.

At Sound Plastic Surgery, our goal for every facial cosmetic surgery is a refreshed and natural look that will last for years to come. Our Seattle area patients have given us rave reviews for their browlift surgery results.