Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery for Health and Cosmetic Breast Improvements

Many women are bothered by the appearance of their large, pendulous breasts, and some also suffer from neck, back, shoulder pain, and even rashes under the breast fold.

Breast reduction surgery is a functional and cosmetic procedure that removes heavy and sagging breast tissue, lifts the nipple into a better position and reshapes the breast. The result is a spectacular and rejuvenated breast shape for our Seattle area patients. Additionally, associated pain and rashes are often resolved and posture is usually improved as well. Breast reduction surgery is often one of the surgical procedures that make up our Mommy Makeover surgery set of procedures.

Before and After Breast Reduction Surgery

Doctor Cooper and Doctor Sattler have completed hundreds of breast reduction procedures for patients in the Seattle area. Using modern breast reduction techniques, the plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery can perform breast reduction surgery with excellent scar quality and longevity of breast shaping. High patient satisfaction rates among our Seattle breast reduction patients is a testament to the profound impact this operation has on our patients’ health and self body image. 

At Sound Plastic Surgery, our goal for every breast reduction patient is a substantially improved breast appearance and significant functional benefit from the surgery. Our Seattle area patients have given us absolutely amazing reviews for our breast reduction results.

The board certified plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery perform breast reduction surgery for women in the Seattle, Everett, Edmonds, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Bellingham and other regions in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada. Contact Us Today for Your Consultation!

"I found Dr. Sattler to be both a serious, matter-of-fact surgeon and a warm and caring doctor. He was confident and reassuring when my anxiety got the best of me. On the day of the breast reduction surgery, I was able to let go of my fears because I knew I was in safe hands. The results were perfect and the recovery was easier than I expected. Now everything in my closet fits and my body is comfortable to live in. He and his nurse J compliment each other nicely; she is friendly, knowledgeable, and quick with a smile. The relationship you develop with your surgical team is more personal than you might think, and I would definitely recommend this group as one you will like and trust."

Breast Reduction Surgery Patient Testimonial

What is breast reduction recovery time like after surgery?

Breast reduction surgery takes about three hours to do in the operating room. Individual results will vary, however most of our patients take a few days off from work to recover from the procedure. We typically do not use surgical drains for most breast reduction patients. The scar pattern encircles the areola, which is made smaller in most patients. There is a vertical scar down the meridian of the breast. Some patients also require a horizontal scar beneath the breast to maximize breast tissue and skin removal. Scar quality is generally very good at three months after the surgery and progressively improves as their recovery time goes on.

"Although I had a dozen reasons to get breast reduction suregery, I was apprehensive about getting surgery. I met with Dr. Cooper and he took the time to explain the procedure, the risks, and answer all of my questions. I'm two months post-op, and I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! I wish I would have had this surgery years ago. I feel proportionate and healthy - it's honestly the best I've felt in years. I can't thank Dr. Cooper and his staff enough for their honesty, compassion, and time. Amazing team! Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Cooper."

Breast Reduction Surgery Patient Testimonial

Payment for Breast Reduction Surgery at Sound Plastic Surgery 

Sound Plastic Surgery does not accept insurance payment for breast reduction surgery.