Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures performed at Sound Plastic Surgery. Both of our plastic surgeons have experience with the several types of breast implants available today in the US market. These implant types include smooth, round silicone breast implants and Ideal saline breast implants. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of breast augmentation procedures for patients from all over the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Breast implant surgery is often a component of the Mommy Makeover surgery procedures.

Before and After Breast Implant Surgery with smooth, round silicone breast implants by Sound Plastic Surgery

What type of breast implants are available at Sound Plastic Surgery?

At Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, we are at the forefront of breast implant surgery technology available in the USA. Breast implant selection is a very personal decision, but we do have a few guiding principles we recommend to patients when selecting breast implants.

  1. Most of our patients opt for smooth, round silicone implants. These medical devices have been available on the US market for over 12 years and have an excellent safety record. With careful implant selection, these round implants can be used to create a very natural 'tear drop' breast shape.
  2. Some women desire a saline implant. Our preferred saline implant is the Ideal Saline Implant, which has a silicone shell and a unique saline fill system. This round implant feels very similar to silicone gel implants. The volume of the Ideal implant can be customized for each patient.
  3. We have discontinued the use of textured, shaped silicone implants in our cosmetic breast surgery practice.

"Dr. Sattler and his staff were all friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. From the minute I emailed the office for an appointment the experience was great. Dr. Sattler listened to what I wanted offered his input and together we came up with a plan to get me the results I wanted. The breast implant surgery went great and the follow up was actually better then I expected. The day I came home from surgery Dr. Sattler called me at home to check on me. I was also able to call or email anytime I had questions and received quick replies. I am thrilled with my results and Dr. Sattler and his team. "

Breast Implant Surgery Patient Testimonial

What can I expect during the consultation for breast implants?

Our plastic surgeons create a customized breast implant surgery plan for each of our Seattle area cosmetic breast augmentation patients to achieve the look they desire. We spend the time necessary with you to discover the ‘look’ you are trying to achieve with breast implant surgery. We offer a full spectrum of cohesive gel and gummy-bear silicone breast implants to our Seattle area patients. Our breast implant consultation starts with an interview between you and one of our board certified plastic surgeons. During that meeting in our Seattle plastic surgery clinic, we will develop a customized breast implant surgery plan for you. You will not be hurried, and you will have plenty of time to discuss your goals with our plastic surgeons.

Doctor Cooper and Doctor Sattler carefully listen to the expectations of each of their patients in order to make certain that goals are met with respect to your new breast shape and size.

We encourage patients to bring in photos in their clinic visit of women whose breast aesthetic they admire - we use these photos as a discussion platform to assess if expectations for a post operative result are realistic, given an individual's unique breast anatomy.

During the breast implant consultation, you will be invited to 'try on' a series of implants that best fit your aesthetic goals and fit with the unique measurements of your breast and chest wall. This 'sizing' exercise with our female staff members is an important part of the consultation because it allows you to 'test drive' many breast implants that are too large, and too small for your unique frame. This exercise typically convinces patients that an implant size and volume tailored to their breast dimensions is the best option for a beautiful long term augmentation result. 

What can I expect after the breast implant surgery is complete?

The breast implant procedure is performed in our onsite private certified ambulatory surgery center, and is an outpatient procedure. Your breast implant surgery is performed with anesthesia provided by board-certified anesthesiologists. The breast implant surgery takes about 1 hour. During the operation, our plastic surgeons will create a pocket for the breast implant using a carefully planned incision. A silicone breast implant is then placed behind the pectoralis muscle in order to create an appealing breast shape. Our plastic surgeon then carefully assesses symmetry and implant position before finishing the operation. We generally use an infra-mammary incision because we feel this scar heals with the best possible scar quality, and can be concealed in the natural fold beneath the breast. Other scar positions, including the peri-areolar and axillary scar, will always be visible, no matter how nicely the scar itself heals. We keep breast augmentation scars covered with water resistant surgical tape for several weeks because we believe this maximizes scar quality.

"After the first visit, I knew that he was the doctor I wanted to use. The office looked professional, the staff was exceptionally nice, and Dr. Cooper was both patient and kind. After my implant surgery, Dr. Cooper personally called me several times just to check on my progress, which is a refreshing change of pace. I opted for 300cc high-profile breast implants. The implants I ended up choosing not only made my breasts look fuller and rounder, but you cannot even tell they are implants, which is exactly what I said I wanted."

Breast Implant Surgery Patient Testimonial

What is recovery time after my breast implant surgery like?

Individual results will vary, however most of our patients take just a few days off from work for recovery from breast implant or breast augmentation surgery. Our patients wear a supportive bra for a few days to support the implant position that we have created. Breast implant surgery recovery time will vary from women to women. Most of our patients are younger women that wish to return to exercise and athletics. We individualize our patient's post operative recovery activity restrictions based on the type of activities they wish to return to after surgery. In general terms, vigorous movements such as pull-ups, push ups and bench presses with the arms should be avoided for at least six weeks after surgery. Other types of exercise are encouraged because they aid in post operative recovery time and mobility.

"My breast implants turned out PERFECT! They are 100% even and the nipples are symmetrical."

Breast Implant Surgery Patient Testimonial

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery done?

Types of Anesthesia

A breast augmentation surgery is done while patients are asleep in the operating room. Medications are administered for your comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Your doctor will recommend the best choice for you.

The Breast Augmentation Incision

The breast augmentation incision is carefully planned and located in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. Our recommendation is to use an infra-mammary incision (below the breast) because this scar can be hidden within an existing fold beneath the breast and thus is camouflaged. Other incisions include the peri-areolar and armpit (axillary) incision, which will always be plainly visible.

The Breast Implant Placement - Below or Above the Muscle

Recent scientific data supports the recommendation of a sub-muscular breast implant placement. Implants in this position have a lower rate of capsular contracture (scarring around the implant), less visible rippling and wrinkling and a more natural look. Implant placed above the muscle tend to have less soft tissue coverage, more breast tissue thinning over time and have a higher capsular contracture rate.

Sub-muscular breast implant position is depicted on the left side of the drawing above.

Closing the Breast Augmentation Incisions

Breast augmentation incisions are closed in multiple layers with absorbing sutures. The first layer of suture is used to reconstruct the infra-mammary fold, which provides long-term support for the breast implant. The second and third layers of suture close the skin to maximize scar quality over the long term. The goal is to conceal the breast augmentation scar within the fold beneath the breast. The breast implant incision is well concealed in the patient's breast fold, just two months after breast implant surgery as shown in the after photo below.

At Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, our goal for every breast implant patient is a substantially improved breast appearance that fits a patient's aesthetic ideal. Our Seattle area patients have given us outstanding reviews for our breast augmentation results. Contact Us Today for Your Consultation!