Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Revision

The vast majority of breast augmentation patients are happy with their cosmetic results and remain satisfied for years to come. Among patients who have had breast augmentation surgery, a small subset of patients may choose to have plastic revisionary breast implant surgery during their lifetime. This choice may be guided by a desire to change the appearance of her breasts, to address a problem with her existing implants, to change the type of breast implant that she has, or to remove her implants.

Before and After treatment for symmastia using Strattice ADM and implant replacement

There are several reasons why a patient may wish to have her breast look revised:

  • Breast implant replacement for newer silicone implants
  • Replacement of a deflated saline implant
  • Treatment of capsular contracture
  • Internal breast reconstruction for implants that have 'bottomed out'
  • Treatment of a 'double bubble' breast deformity
  • Replacement for implants of a different size or shape
  • Desire for a breast lift (mastopexy) procedure
  • Breast implant removal (explantation)

For women with more complex implant related problems like symmastia, bottoming out, double bubble issues and excessive implant lateralization, the solution is usually more complex than simply replacing the breast implants. In these complex breast surgery revision cases, biomaterials like Strattice or Seri have to be used to create an internal brassiere to improve implant support and optimize implant positioning. These complex revisionary procedures often take a longer time to perform in the operating room, and post operative recovery is generally longer in these cases.

Dr. Sattler and Dr. Cooper have close to 20 years of breast surgery experience and have treated the full spectrum of breast implant related problems in cosmetic breast surgery. All breast implant revision surgery is performed in accredited surgical centers in the Seattle area.

Prior to your consultation with our plastic surgeons, it's helpful to have your implant information and past medical records, including operative report, in hand when you arrive at our clinic, if possible. Our clinic staff are happy to process any Mentor, Allergan or Sientra breast implant warranty paperwork to see if your replacement implant is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.