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“Awesome Experience! I was back to work within a week. Surgery was worth every penny and now it's time to go buy some new bras!!”

egrenz via RealSelf

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Okay, so Dr. Sattler and Julie and the office staff is great... what about me?

I am sooooo happy with the results and my decision to do this for myself. Since the procedures I have been thinking about why women tend to think that doing this for ourselves is extravagant, vain or selfish... I have come to the conclusion that at 51 (a product of the women's movement) that the feminist in me felt that I should love my body as it is. I now believe that as a feminist I can do this for myself (and I mean MYSELF) without feeling guilty.

I am unbelievably happy with the results. And even though they aren't so drastic that other people are shocked, the results are sufficiently drastic for me to stop hiding my body with baggy clothes. I feel 20 years younger and happier than I have been in years. My girlfriends are shocked at how great my breasts look. Ok maybe I did it for their reactions as well as for me ;)

I am recommending this to my friends who feel the way I did. Not everyone is uncomfortable with their body. And good for them. But if you are not happy with those sad breasts and that loose belly DO THIS! NOT FOR ANYONE ELSE BUT FOR YOURSELF!

Thank you to everyone at the office!!!!

Cost included body conturing with lipo and breast augmentation, compression garments and anesthesia.

mhc82 via RealSelf, Bellevue, WA

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