Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the male chest becomes over-filled with glandular breast tissue and fatty tissue. This condition arises for a variety of reasons. The surgical management of gynecomastia combines liposuction and excision of glandular tissue to refine the male chest appearance. We typically liposuction the entire chest, pre-axillary region and the infra-mammary fold. We then excise glandular tissue through a short peri-areolar incision. The procedure can be done while patients are asleep with general anesthesia, or while patients are awake under local anesthesia.

What is the Recovery Period after Gynecomastia Surgery?

The surgery itself takes about an hour and can be done under local anesthesia or completely asleep under a general anesthetic. Patients return home from the surgery center on the same day. Most patients take about four days off from work to recover from gynecomastia surgery. Patients wear a compression garment beneath clothing for several weeks. We typically do not use surgical drainage tubes for this procedure. There are no sutures to be removed. Patients notice a difference in chest contour immediately after the procedure and results continue to improve as post-operative swelling diminishes.

Procedures combined with Gynecomastia Surgery 

We have combined gynecomastia surgery with a variety of other cosmetic surgical procedures, including liposuction of the abdomen, waist, love handles and neck for our male patients. The addition of liposuction to these zones does not increase the expected recovery period.