Botox for a brow lift effect

There are several groups of muscles that control facial expression around the eyes and the forehead. These muscles work in coordination to control the position of the brow. For women, the aesthetic ideal for brow position places the outer (lateral) two thirds of the brow above the upper ridge of the eye socket (orbital rim). The inner one third of the eyebrow can lie along the orbital rim or even below. When the lateral brow is properly positioned, there is more visible eyelid skin and the eye-shape is larger overall. This is a distinctly feminine eye aesthetic.

A Botox Brow Lift treatment is designed to selectively weaken the muscle groups that pull the eyebrow 'down' and relax the zone around the outside of the eye. This produces a larger and more feminine eye-shape. We can typically achieve a brow lifting effect with about 30-36 units of Botox. The effects lasts for 2.5-3 months and then wears off. The treatment can be repeated and is tailored for each patient.