Breast Lift Surgery with the Seattle plastic surgery experts

Breast lift surgery is an powerful plastic surgery procedure designed to lift and reshape sagging breasts. A breast lift does not rely on a breast implant to impart shape to the breast. Instead, the existing breast tissue is rearranged in a way that improves breast projection, shape and fullness. A breast lift procedure is referred to as a mastopexy. A silicone breast implant can be added to a breast lift procedure to provide additional volume to the breast. Since a breast lift surgery includes the removal of excess breast skin, there is a breast scar that results from the procedure. In our experience, breast lift scars are quite good within 4-6 months of the procedure.

The plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery are expert level cosmetic breast surgeons. The have experience in breast lift surgery for post-partum women, managing breast sagging after weight loss, and for patients with tuberous breast anatomy. Both of our surgeons are board certified and have years of experience in the Seattle area doing breast lift surgery.


This young woman was treated with a breast lift procedure that included a silicone implant.


This young woman was treated with a breast lift procedure that rearranged her sagging breast tissue into a more optimal breast shape.