Circumferential Lower Body Lift


       Sound Plastic Surgery cares for many patients after massive weight loss who benefit from the lower body lift procedure. This procedure delivers a youthful and fit lower body contour that complements dramatic weight loss.

       After bariatric surgery and/or massive weight loss, patients may be left with severe skin laxity that detracts from their weight loss transformation. The operation involves a circumferential incision in order to flatten the abdomen, lift the outer thighs, and lift the buttocks regions. Our plastic surgeons operate together to accomplish the lower body contouring making the procedure time efficient and safer for our patients.

       Recovery for this particular procedure varies for each patient. We generally see patients returning to work within three weeks of their surgical procedure.

       This procedure can be combined with other post weight loss procedures that are offered here at Sound Plastic Surgery such as arm lifts, upper body lifts, breast lifts, and breast reductions.

Please call TODAY to discuss with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if an Circumferential Body Lift is right for you!