Common Myths About Breast Augmentation


Common Myths About Breast Augmentation

Myth #1- All Breast Implants Look Fake

One of the most common myths about breast augmentation is that the results won’t look natural. In the early days of breast augmentation, most implants gave a very unnatural look. The outline of the implant would be visible at the side of a breast, or breasts might appear out of proportion to a woman’s frame.

Technological breakthroughs have given us a vast range of implant sizes, shapes, profiles and compositions to choose from. Today it’s easier than ever to achieve a natural look through breast augmentation.

Myth #2: Recovery is Painful

As with any surgical procedure, your incisions and surrounding muscles may be sore for a short time after your breast augmentation. However, this pain and soreness is usually manageable with the medication you are prescribed following your surgery, and almost always goes away within one to two weeks of the procedure.

Myth #3: Implants feel unnaturally firm.

No implant feels exactly like a natural breast, but breast augmentation has come a long way in recent decades. When you have a plastic surgeon that uses the right-sized implants to fit comfortably, and who places them under the chest muscle, your implants will feel like a close second to the real thing.

Myth #4: You’ll Look Awesome Right Away

During breast augmentation surgery, your muscles react by tightening up. As a result, your new implants will initially start out resting higher on your chest, and may look swollen. As you heal over the next several weeks to months, your breasts will slowly settle into a more natural position on your chest. This means that you should give yourself some time to look amazing afterwards. Don’t plan a breast augmentation right before a special occasion.

Myth #5: Breast Augmentation Will Give You the “Perfect Body”

A breast augmentation will give you a bigger version of what you already have — unless you’re having some corrective work done, like evening out the size of your breasts or getting a lift. While a larger bust can make your waist appear smaller and hips more shapely, it doesn’t give you a new body. Having realistic expectations means you’ll be happier with your results.

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