Could You Benefit from a Mommy Makeover?

I’ve never liked the term “Mommy Makeover.”  To some, it might seem to imply that there is something that mothers should be embarrassed about, or try to hide.  Most of us would agree that the changes that women’s bodies go through in order to bring a new life into this world and breast feed is nothing short of amazing! 

Sometimes after childbirth and after breast feeding, women find that their breasts and abdomen never return to their pre-pregnancy shape.  Some mothers are left with smaller, sagging breasts.  Extra abdominal skin, stretch marks, and an abdominal “pooch” often result too.  No matter how many situps a lot of mothers do, their abdominal muscles, which often times have separated and/or become stretched out, will not flatten as much as they would like. 

The good news is that breast augmentations, breast lifts, and tummy tucks can all help restore the breast volume/shape and abdominal contour that a lot of women strive for.

At Sound Plastic Surgery, next to University Village in Seattle, we truly enjoy helping women attain the breast and abdominal contour that they are looking for. We take pride in offering women wonderful care in a relaxed setting built on trust and compassion.