Dermal Piercing and Microdermal Anchor Removal by a Plastic Surgeon

We have been seeing more patients who are interested in having their dermal piercings (microdermal anchors) removed either due to infection or discomfort.  Recently, we saw a young woman who had infected dermal piercings in her wrist. 

In order to remove these dermal piercings, we perform a quick procedure using sterile conditions and a local anesthetic.  The whole procedure to remove these dermal piercings takes about 20 minutes. 

Once the dermal piercings have been in place for awhile (this patient had them in for several years), the body makes scar tissue around the anchors under the skin.  This scar tissue, called a capsule, needs to be released in order to remove the dermal jewelry.

With the use of a local anesthetic and a tiny needle to place the anesthetic, patients feel very little discomfort during the procedure to remove the dermal piercings.  While grasping the dermal post with a special instrument, the scar tissue is cut, and the dermal piercings are removed.  No new skin incision has to be made in order to remove these.

Afterwards, we apply some antibiotic ointment and a Band-Aid.  The small skin holes will close on their own.

As more and more people in Seattle get dermal piercings, we imagine we'll be removing more of these!  

If you are interested in having a plastic surgeon remove your dermal piercings, with minimal pain with the aid of a local anesthetic under sterile conditions, contact us today!