Do Youth and Beauty Equate to Success?


Let’s face it – We live in a society where we are obsessed with youth and beauty. This is prevalent not only in the thousands of beauty products that are on the market today ‘to make you look and feel younger’ or the picture perfect photographs in fashion magazines, but this obsession is increasingly seen in the Monday-Friday 9-5 workplace.

The majority of plastic surgery procedures are performed on women, however, this trend has changed rather quickly in the past several years. According to The American Society for Plastic Surgery, Americans spent over $12 billion on various procedures in 2014. Men, in particular, have begun to recognize the benefits plastic surgery can provide both in their personal and professional lives. In an increasingly competitive job market, it is more important than ever to project a youthful and fit appearance. Staying young and attractive can also boost self-confidence, extending benefits into all areas of your life. Non-surgical injections, such as Botox and Fillers, are now very common, with men opting for the in-office procedures with no down time.