Dorsal hump removal with rhinoplasty nose surgery

Out of all of the cosmetic rhinoplasty consultations we have seen in our Seattle plastic surgery clinic over the years, the number one cosmetic complaint that patients present to us with is the 'dorsal hump'. 

This nasal features has several names. People refer to the dorsal hump as their nose bump, high bridge, elevated bump, tall nose - a variety of terms that all descibe the same feature.

During a cosmetic rhinoplasty, the dorsum of the nose is disassembled and modified to create the profile that the patient desires. We can model these changes with computer simulation

to give an approximation of what dorsal nasal surgery may look like. If you'd like to learn more about cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty, call our clinic today 206-729-2248. All cosmetic 

consultations are free of charge, and include computer simulation of your cosmetic rhinoplasty result.