Exercise leads to more a youthful skin appearance

An interesting article appeared in the New York Times a few weeks ago. Dermatologist and plastic surgeons have long known that the outside skin layers (the epidermis) tends to thicken with age, and the next deeper layer (the dermis) simultaneously gets thinner. Overall, this leads to thinning of the skin as a whole over time. Thinner skin has less elasticity and wrinkles and folds more easily. Researches observed that when people exercised frequently (4 times per week or more), the thickness of the dermis increased dramtically - which leads to younger looking skin in most people. We all probably know some very fit people in their middle-age years. These individuals do tend to look younger than their stated age. Regular exercise has other obvious benefits as well - including improved metabolism, hormone production, bone density, muscle mass and psychological improvements. At Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle, we try to understand our patients from every angle - not just the improvements they wish to make with cosmetic surgery.