Eyelid Surgery


Blepharoplasty, or “eyelid surgery”, is a procedure option for those who are looking to restore a more youthful appearance to the eye area. This particular surgery is great for people who are experiencing droopy eyelids or baggy under-eyes caused by the aging process and/or genetics. As the skin matures, it continuously loses its elasticity, which allows excess skin to accrue in the upper and lower lids. This can cause an individual to have a causeless expression of sleepiness or sadness. In order to adequately address this, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons use a variety of techniques that are specific to each of our patients aesthetic needs. The procedure itself starts by strategically placing incisions that will ensure minimal scar visibility. From there, the surgeon removes any excessive fat deposits while simultaneously repositioning and smoothing the surrounding tissue. Conveniently, most blepharoplasty patients can undergo surgery right here in our Seattle clinic under local anesthesia and return to work after the stitches are removed a few days later!

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