Facelift surgery has provided many Seattle-area patients with aesthetic relief by restoring some of the structural stability that our skin naturally loses over the years. Deep “laugh lines”, sagging skin, jowling, and overall loss of facial volume are just a few examples of what can be cosmetically addressed during this procedure. Every surgical plan designed here at Sound Plastic Surgery is tailor-made to the patient, as to ensure optimal and realistic expectations. The surgery begins by administering anesthesia and tactfully placing incisions around the hairline and contours of the ear. After the incisions are made, your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will perform various surgical methods to reshape the facial and underlying connective tissues. Based on the patients aesthetic goals, additional procedures such as neck lipo or eye lift surgery can be done in conjunction with a facelift for maximum enhancement. Individual results will expectedly vary, however most of our patients are able to return to their social functions in as soon as two weeks after surgery!

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