Hair Restoration at Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle

The plastic surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle are now offering Neograft hair restoration surgery. Neograft has revolutionized the hair transplantation procedure. The Neograft process extracts single hair follicles in a scar-less fashion. The hair follicles are then transplanted into the scalp to re-establiosh a natural looking hairline, improve hair density and thicken existing hair. The procedure can be completed in a few hours under local anesthesia. Patients can return to work the next day! Neograft is an amazing leap forward in a field of plastic surgery hair transplants characterized by old technology and mediocre cosmetic results.  Call (206) 729-2248 to schedule your Neograft hair restoration consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons. We offer financing for hair transplantation surgery as well.