How sleep, showers, and sun can impact your skin

So, you’re ready to face aging head on by investing in the right products to combat its telltale signs. That’s good because lotions and potions can do wonders to lift, firm, and tighten, but lesser known bad habits may mean more forces against us than we’re aware of.

Avoid long, hot showers - A bit of steam can be good for your skin, but too much time in a hot shower will actually wash away the outermost layer of the epidermis and moisture leaving it scaly and dry.

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Stop Excessive Product Testing - As boring as it may seem, we all do better with a bit of routine in place day-to-day. Our skin is no exception. Testing too many products can lead to allergic reactions, and leave our skin stressed and confused. Leave the testing to the professionals. Call us for a personalized skincare consultation!

Quit Squinting Your Eyes - As our skin ages, our eyes often do too and we find ourselves squinting to read things. Either that or we’ve forgotten our sunglasses. Over time, all that wrinkling around the eyes adds up.

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Get Plenty of Sleep - Nighttime is the right time for our skin to rest and revitalize along with the rest of our body. It’s called beauty sleep because at night the skin’s ability to repair itself peaks. When we’re snoozing our skin is most receptive to ingredients at this time. Take full advantage of these benefits by applying Image Skincare’s Ageless Total Repair Crème before you go to bed!

Drink Plenty of Water - Lack of water leaves skin thirsty too. Plenty of H20 will help rid our body of toxins that reek havoc on our organs (our skin is the body’s largest organ), and boosts cell regeneration (which slows with age) as its vital purpose is to support cell life. Hydration works inside and out though, so drink up and then hydrate with Image Skincare’s Vital C Hydrating Repair Crème. blog-pic3.jpg