How to make your filler last longer


The amount of time a filler will last depends on the product (or the combination of products) used, where the product is placed, the frequency and timing of touch-ups, as well as technique. All of these factors play key roles in how long you will see results, which may last from a few months to a couple years.

With regular touch ups, over time, many patients find they need less product and fewer treatments to maintain results.

It was found that constant movement of facial muscles encourages the natural breakdown of fillers. If the movement of the face is strategically limited with Botox, then the fillers will not breakdown as quickly and the life of the product can be significantly extended. 

Both Botox and fillers are effective treatments, each having a history of proven results. Both treatments are effective separately, however many physicians choose to use them in conjunction with each other to achieve optimal results.

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