Ideal Structured Implants


Choosing a breast implant that’s right for you is just as personal of a choice as having the surgery performed itself. Most of our patients are familiar with the common silicone gel or saline options on the market, but in 2014 the FDA approved a third option that combines specific components of both! The Ideal Structured Implant is a saline filled implant that more closely resembles the look and feel of silicone gel implants. The internal structure is made up of a series of “shells” that support the implants upper pole for desired fullness, and also controls the fluid movement within the implant. Some women are opting for this augmentation option for a number of reasons: low incidence of wrinkling and capsule contracture, a slightly smaller incision is required than for silicone gel implants, and there’s no silent leaks, meaning if your Ideal implant leaks you will notice that the affected breast is smaller.  The Ideal implant is also a good option for women who have worries about silicone implants.  Don’t forget to ask your surgeon for more information as we now offer the Ideal Structured Implants here in our Seattle based clinic!

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