Liposuction of 'lesser known' body regions for optimal cosmetic results

Liposuction is a well known and effective tool for contouring regions of the body - the abdomen, waist and hips. Did you know that liposuction can be used to contour other regions of the body ?

Tumescent liposuction is effective for contouring the following 'lesser known' regions 

  • Chin and neck
  • Back of the Arms
  • Calves and ankles
  • Fatty chest tissue in men
  • Front of the thighs 
  • Knees
  • The 'roll' of tissue along the bra-line

Each of these zones of the body can be liposuctioned using the tumescent technique to achieve dramatic improvements in contouring. Zones can be combined together for a more comprehensive cosmetic improvement.

Using our tumescent liposuction technique, surgical incisions are very small. Recovery after tumescent liposuction is generally brief- usually 2-3 days off from work.

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