Lower Body Lift


After losing 100 pounds or more, most people will notice big changes in their body contour! Many of our patients are left with excess skin of the abdomen and waist. Additionally, sagging thighs and buttocks can be bothersome.  A lower body lift gives patients a surgical option to correct extreme skin laxity of the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, which results in a tightened and rejuvenated torso area. The procedure itself takes place in a certified ambulatory surgery center using board certified anesthesiologists to maximize our patients’ comfort. Both of our board certified plastic surgeons work together during this procedure in order to reduce surgery time and ensure the overall safety of each patient. Individual results will vary, but recovery can be surprisingly quicker than most patients expect. Most of our patients are able to return to work about 2-3 weeks after surgery, though the body will continue to heal for several more months following the procedure.

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