Male Plastic Surgery On The Rise

The number of men getting plastic surgery procedures has risen over 121 percent since 1997.

One of the most relevant factors in the growth of male plastic surgery is the baby boomers. It is one of the largest generations in the United States, and they are approaching retirement. However, baby boomers still feel and are very active, and want their outer appearance to reflect that.

Some say that the rise of social media may have some connection to the rise of male plastic surgery. Things like Twitter and Instagram make it more likely that your image will be caught unexpectedly, increasing the pressure to look better and better.

The economy might also be a factor in the rise of male plastic surgery. As the job market becomes more competitive, looking younger or more fit might give a candidate an edge. For example, chin implants can give a man a stronger jaw, which projects a more masculine image. Liposuction can help combat that pesky flat tire older men can get as they age, helping them to look trimmer and healthier.

The rate of men getting Botox injections is up 9 percent since 2010, which suggests that men aren’t just after a slimmer physique or a more masculine appearance. They also want to look younger, just like female patients.