Mommy Makeover Highlight

This 45-year-old woman came to our clinic in search of upper body rejuvenation for her breasts and abdomen, and was treated with a Mommy Makeover procedure by the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery. Her dissatisfaction pertained to the sagging appearance of her midsection, and she also wanted to revitalize her breasts during the same procedure. The Mommy Makeover is the go-to operation for patients wanting to surgically address multiple areas of their body at the same time. This particular patient’s plan included a tummy tuck and vertical breast lift with smooth round silicone implants. You can see how both her abdominal and bust contour has visibly improved after the surgery! These photos were taken just 3 months post op, and the surgical scars will continue to lighten and fade over time.

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