Natural Breast Augmentation vs. Implants

Nowadays, breast augmentation patients are typically seeking results that look natural rather than “overdone.” There are many factors that can affect the final outcome of a breast augmentation, including the implant type, the size of the implant, and the implant placement.

There is no one implant that is the perfect breast implant for everyone. There are different implant options, and the implant option that is selected for you should be based on specific breast and chest wall measurements and careful assessment.

Aside from implants, there is another option for women seeking enhancement to the size and shape of their breasts without undergoing major surgery. The natural breast augmentation method does not make use of implants, like traditional breast enhancement. This natural method instead uses fat cells from the patient's own body, which are harvested by a liposuction procedure from other parts of the body like the buttocks, thighs, hips, or abdomen. These fat cells are then re-positioned in the breasts to achieve the desired size and shape. This method has the advantage of providing a permanent, natural look and feel to the breasts, without having to make any incisions or install silicone or saline breast implants.

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