Neck Liposuction


Many people are unhappy with the way their neck and chin look. Whether it’s because age and gravity have conspired to create sagging jowls and “turkey neck,” or whether you have a double chin that you just can’t seem to get rid of, the neck and chin areas can be problematic.

Neck liposuction creates smooth contours and natural definition to the jawline, eliminating the folds of skin often referred to as a double chin. The neck lipo procedure is one of the quickest ways to dramatically enhance an image of youth and vitality.

Some benefits of face and neck liposuction may include:

  • Reduced or removed jowls
  • Reduced or removed double chin
  • Eliminated “turkey neck”
  • Reduced overall fullness in the face
  • Created definition in the cheeks
  • The creation of a more defined jaw line
  • Improvement of the angle between the neck and chin

Simple removal of fat in this area can dramatically transform a person’s jaw line and make them look thinner, trimmer and more youthful.

Liposuction, a tried and true method for unwanted fat removal, may be the better choice for achieving a more youthful jawline contour. To schedule your Complimentary Consultation, please call (206) 729- 2248 TODAY!