NeoGraft FAQ


What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

Follicular unit extraction is a precise method of harvesting hair follicles from the patient’s own head for use during a hair transplant procedure. This method is minimally invasive, and leaves no scar. Patients who undergo FUE hair transplants require less recovery time after the procedure. Because there is no scar to hide, patients have no restrictions on the type of haircut they can choose once they’re healed.

What are the Benefits of NeoGraft?

The NeoGraft system utilizes an ergonomic, mechanical instrument that creates more accuracy and control. This means that patients can expect more successful hair restoration results, while spending less time in their plastic surgeon’s office. NeoGraft is also highly successful at camouflaging scars that patients have suffered from other hair restoration or hair transplant procedures.

How does NeoGraft Differ from Traditional Strip Method?

Hair transplants that are performed with FUE using the NeoGraft system look much more natural. Strip harvests use an entire strip of the scalp to harvest hair follicles, resulting in a telltale scar, and limiting the patient to a certain hairstyle and length post-procedure. The NeoGraft system takes hair follicles from the back of the head, where it is much less noticeable. No one will be able to tell that the results of a NeoGraft FUE procedure are unnatural.

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