Neograft hair transplantation is coming to Sound Plastic Surgery in Seattle

What is Neograft FUE hair transplantation ?

Hair transplant surgery is plastic surgery. We are recreating a natural appearing hairline that has faded as a result of time, hormonal effects and genetics. The mission of 'plastic surgery' is to form and recreate a portion of the body that is beautiful and functional. Thus, it make sense that a plastic surgeon should undertake hair transplantation surgery.

Sound Plastic Surgery offers FUE hair transplantation surgery using the latest Neograft technology. With Neograft, our board certified plastic surgeons are able to remove individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp in a virtually scarless fashion. Thousands of hair grafts can be harvested from this 'donor site' region along the back of the head with little or no scarring. The individual hair follicle grafts are then placed into the balding scalp zones with a tiny needle-sized incision. Care is taken to direct the growth trajectory and hair curl of each graft. 

With Neograft, you can avoid the unsightly, long donor site scar on the back of the head that runs from ear to ear used for old-fashioned 'strip' graft harvesting. Traditionally, a long incision was made from ear to ear, along the back of the head, and hair-bearing scalp skin was removed. This 'strip' scalp was then chopped into smaller pieces provide the hair grafts. Using the old 'strip' harvesting technique, the resulting scar is long and visibile when the hair is kept short. 

The board certified plastic surgeons are proud to offer this life changing experience to Seattle area patients experiencing hair loss. 

Trust a board certified plastic surgeon to do your hair transplant procedure.