New Trend- Hair Transplant for Head, Beard, and Brows!

Have you ever wanted a fuller beard? Fuller brows? Fuller head of hair?

Now’s the time with NeoGraft®!

NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive hair restoration option that transplants your own hair from thicker areas of growth to thinner, balding areas. The NeoGraft® method is unique because it swiftly and painlessly harvests individual hairs using the follicular-unit extraction (FUE) technique.

How NeoGraft® Works

FUE is less invasive than the traditional strip-method hair replacement technique, which involves the surgical removal of a small area of the patient's scalp from the back of the head. The surgical strip removal can be painful, require a lengthy recovery period, and result in a noticeable scar. Neograft® is different.

One of the greatest benefits of NeoGraft® treatment is its minimally invasive nature, which produces no scarring. NeoGraft® allows to carefully collect hairs without the use of scalpels or staples.

Results & Recovery

After surgery, your newly implanted hair will stay in place for three to four weeks. At this time, the strands will fall out and leave their whole, healthy follicles behind. After three to four months, these follicles will begin a new cycle of growth, and your newly restored hairline will begin to grow in.

NeoGraft® transplanted hair grows in the same way it did in its original location. Once your new hair has rooted and begun to grow, you can treat it like the rest of your hair, and it can be cut, styled, and washed just like you used to.