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Jun 08

Sound Plastic Surgery


by Sound Plastic Surgery


As we age, it is very normal to experience facial bone loss and loss of fat volume with sagging skin, especially in the cheekbone region.  Juvederm Voluma™ XC is a new filler specially formulated with hyaluronic acid to help with the restoration of volume to the mid face and cheeks.  It provides a subtle natural lift that can last up to two years.

The treatments involve very small needles, and are virtually painless due to the topical numbing cream we provide, as well as our doctors’ gentle injection technique.  Our doctors place the filler carefully in the cheek regions where volume loss is most noticeable.  This technique is most effective in achieving a youthful appearance.

Benefits from Voluma injections are immediately noticeable and will continue to improve over the following months.  There is no downtime required after a Voluma  treatment, so patients are free to return to their normal routine that same afternoon.  However, some people prefer to wait a day or two or until all redness and swelling have diminished.

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