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Sep 12

Dr. Joshua Cooper


by Dr. Joshua Cooper


Kybella is an injectable that has been rising in demand since 2015 when it first became FDA approved for reducing the fat that contributes to submental fullness, otherwise known as “the double chin.”  That’s right. An injection that destroys fat cells! The active molecule behind this non-surgical alternative is called Deoxycholic acid, and it’s naturally produced in our bodies to assist in breaking down dietary fats. If you’re experiencing an accumulation of moderate fat under your chin, you have the potential to be a great candidate for Kybella! After discussing your aesthetic goals with one of our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, a numbing cream is applied to the injection area to minimize any discomfort. After about 10 minutes, several small injections are then administered underneath the chin, followed by a short icing period. No scalpel means no downtime! Most patients require a couple treatments to achieve desired results, however, the recommended number of sessions is specific to each individual's chin profile.

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