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Neck Lift


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Feb 28

Dr. Scott Sattler

Neck Lift

by Dr. Scott Sattler


Our neck areas have proven to be one of the more noticeable indications of aging. Sagging skin, fatty deposits under the chin, and pronounced neckbands have been common concerns for patients that come to us wanting a more youthful appearance. The procedure takes place in an accredited surgery center, with the assistance of board certified anesthesiologists. Once the anesthesia is administered, an incision is made at the level of the sideburn, continuing around the ear and ending in the hairline. The underlying tissue is repositioned and often times the platysma muscle is tightened through a small incision hidden under the chin for a smoother contour. The overlying skin is readjusted, excising any extra skin, and sutures are used to close the incisions. Those incisions are removed 5 days later, and social functions can be resumed around 2 weeks post op. This procedure is often done in conjunction with a face-lift for maximum rejuvenation.

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