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What does the recipient and donor site look like one week after Neograft Hair Restoration ?


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Oct 09

Dr. Scott Sattler

What does the recipient and donor site look like one week after Neograft Hair Restoration ?

by Dr. Scott Sattler

I thought it would be helpful to show potential patients what the Neograft hair restoration system 'donor site' and 'recipient site' areas look like just a few days after surgery. We treated this 37 year old man last week. As you can see in his 'before' photo (top photo), he has moderate thinning of hair in the 'vertex' or crown of his scalp. We recommended 1500 grafts to improve density in the crown region. His frontal and temporal hair line were adequate. Using the Neograft device, we extracted over 1500 single follicur units from the back of his head (middle photo). You can see how the donor site region looks basically normal just a few days after surgery. There are no linear scars, no staples and not a single suture. I've also included a photo (right photo) of what his follicular unit grafts look like just a few days after surgery. Like seeds planted in a garden, hair growth will not start for several months. In the 'recipient site' photo (bottom photo), taken 6 days after the Neograft procedure, one can barely detect the small scabs associated with each follicular unit graft. In several months, each of these 'scabs' will be replaced by a living, growing hair. This patient was able to return to work just four days after his hair restoration procedure with virtually undetectable donor site or recipient site incisions.


                        Recipient site before Neograft FUE grafting      


                       Donor site - 6 days after Neograft procedure              


                        Recipient site - 6 days AFTER Neograft procedure


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