Reasons to Consider Earlobe Repair


The ear's delicate lobes can become damaged due to injury or heavy jewelry. Like other areas of the face, our earlobes can also simply sag over time. Earlobe repair is a cosmetic procedure designed to address stretched, torn, gauged, or unusually long earlobes.

Although it is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery, the procedure can dramatically improve a patient’s self-confidence.

Earlobe repair is a procedure that has been in high demand as a result of the popular trend in gauging earlobes over the last decade. Earlobe gauging involves stretching the skin around an existing ear piercing with a wooden or metal plug that is larger than a regular earring.

Oftentimes men or women who get earlobe gauges during their younger years want to reverse the process once they begin to pursue a professional career, or simply grow tired of the trend.

It’s important to remember that there is an art and technique involved in creating an aesthetically pleasing result.

For example, stretched earlobe piercings that were closed in a straight line without proper removal of earlobe tissue result is a pointy, unnatural appearing earlobe. Gauged or stretched earlobe repair must be approached differently than a simple torn earlobe piercing. It is necessary to excise tissue in both the vertical and horizontal directions in order to shorten and narrow the earlobe so you’ll end up with as natural an appearance as possible. 

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