Tech Neck


If you haven’t heard of ‘tech neck’ yet, you will. Tech neck refers to the position of your neck when you look to check your phone and tablet. And as a population, we check our phones a lot. According to a recent survey, the average person checks their mobile devices about 221 times a day. A DAY. That’s double than the rate we checked our phones just four years ago.

In the past, women and men didn’t really see any major skin changes to the neck until well into middle age, but a new generation of technology obsession means that women as young as 25 are experiencing significant aging in this area.

Constantly looking down at your phone strains and pulls at the skin on the neck, causing it to become weak and slack as time wears on. In an area of the body that is already prone to developing uneven texture and slackness due to constant movement, this kind of repetitive strain injury is only going to accelerate the signs of aging and make them harder to reverse.

To keep the signs of ‘tech neck’ to a minimum, start holding your phone up at eye level whenever you want to read a text or scroll through Instagram. Neck creams and Botox injections could also help prevent signs of premature aging.

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