The NeoGraft Solution


Hair loss. It’s an unfortunate reality that most of us face over the years when you begin to notice your hair thinning out, or completely balding in some areas. For both men and women this can be extremely upsetting, which is why we offer the NeoGraft Solution here at Sound Plastic Surgery. The NeoGraft Solution offers life-long results with little to no down time, and it’s also the first and only FDA approved automated medical device for hair restoration. Because NeoGraft uses the follicular-unti extraction (FUE) technique, the procedure is far less invasive than the traditional strip-method hair replacement technique. That means no scalpels, no incisions, and no stitches! Whether you’re looking for a fuller head of hair, or a more robust beard, our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons can customize a treatment plan to fit your needs! You deserve to have the hair you’ve always wanted!

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