Transition into your Fall skincare routine


Making the transition from summer skincare to a new seasonal routine helps your skin look and feel its best. Although the steps may remain the same, the products your skin needs can change dramatically in autumn.


Part of what gives autumn air its distinctive cool crispness is drier air. Cool, dry air supplies your skin with less hydration, and on breezy days, it can even carry away moisture from the surface of your skin. For dry or combination skin, changing weather means it’s time to change your moisturizer. A richer, more emollient cream, instead of the lighter ones we use in the summer, gives your skin’s surface more protection from becoming rough and parched. Even oily complexions sometimes benefit from richer creams, especially if you take your exercise routine outside.

Consider this the right time to switch up your serum. While providing added hydration, they can also offer correction from the summer sun.


Whether you’re expecting a clear autumn day or a gray one, your skin still needs protection from aging ultraviolet rays in the fall. Choose a physical sunscreen with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide for everyday wear in the fall. 


Exfoliation keeps skin summer-ready, but it’s just as important for radiant skin in the fall. As with other fall-friendly skincare products, your exfoliating products should be kind to dry skin and help it retain its moisture.

Autumn months are often busier ones, and it’s easy to let stress build-stress that shows in your skin. While you are adjusting to your new schedule, don’t forget to adjust your skin care routine as well. Make some time to schedule a complimentary consultation with our Medical Aesthetician, Erin Keane, to discuss your skin care needs!