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Mar 20

Dr. Joshua Cooper

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat and tissues from areas such as the abdomen, hips, chest, back, upper arms, and under the chin. This 23 year-old patient was displeased with how full her upper thigh contour appeared and wanted to have this surgically corrected. read more

Mar 16

Dr. Scott Sattler

All of us here at Sound Plastic Surgery place the well being and safety of our patients as our primary directive. read more

Mar 12

Dr. Joshua Cooper

This 25-year-old patient came to us with complaints of back, shoulder, and neck discomfort due to the size and weight of her breasts. read more

Mar 06

Dr. Scott Sattler

Body Contouring is a surgical procedure that aids in excess skin removal and aesthetic construct after major weight loss has taken place. read more

Feb 27

Dr. Joshua Cooper

This 45-year-old woman came to our clinic in search of upper body rejuvenation for her breasts and abdomen, and was treated with a Mommy Makeover procedure by the Board Certified Plastic Surgeons at Sound Plastic Surgery. read more

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