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May 17

Dr. Scott Sattler

Has the weight of wearing heavy earrings over the years caused your earlobes to droop or tear? Maybe gauging your ears sounded like a good idea when you were younger but now you'd prefer a more natural looking lobe? read more

May 08

Dr. Joshua Cooper

With our faces being the main indicator of expression, we want to make sure that we're conveying the correct semblance of what we're feeling to the people around us. For patients with a heavily furrowed brow, facial expressions can often be misinterpreted as tired, uninterested, or even angry. read more

Apr 25

Dr. Scott Sattler

Brachioplasty, or an "arm lift", is a procedure that primarily focuses on the removal of excess skin of the upper arms. Genetics, diet, age, and/or major weight loss can all play contributing roles in the development of "sagging" upper arms. read more

Apr 19

Dr. Joshua Cooper

The NeoGraft hair transplant solution is a highly sought after option for the treatment of premature hair thinning. Approximately 50 million men and 30 million women are experiencing thinning hair or genetic pattern baldness in the United States alone! read more

Apr 12

Dr. Scott Sattler

This 36 year-old patient had smooth, round, gummy bear implants placed to add fullness to her profile. read more

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