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Apr 12

Dr. Scott Sattler

This 36 year-old patient had smooth, round, gummy bear implants placed to add fullness to her profile. read more

Mar 28

Dr. Scott Sattler

Many patients come to us after losing a significant amount of weight to address the excess skin and stubborn fat left behind, such as the patient shown above... read more

Mar 15

Dr. Scott Sattler

It's not uncommon for women to consider surgery to correct their asymmetrical breasts; in fact, most women have breasts that are not identical in shape and/or size. read more

Feb 28

Dr. Scott Sattler

Our neck areas have proven to be one of the more noticeable indications of aging. Sagging skin, fatty deposits under the chin, and pronounced neckbands have been common concerns for patients that come to us wanting a more youthful appearance. read more

Feb 07

Dr. Scott Sattler

After losing 50 pounds and maintaining a healthy weight, this 46-year-old patient came into our clinic to discuss her concerns about the appearance of her abdomen and waist. read more

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